Elo Studios creates, develops, produces and distributes impactful audiovisual content that values Brazilian diversity and entertains the public.


Elo Studios was founded in 2005 by partners Flavia Feffer, Ruben Feffer and Sabrina Nudeliman Wagon, in view of the market opportunity created by the Audiovisual Law. Initially, the company focused exclusively on sales of Brazilian films and series for TV, video on demand and other media in the national and international market. Since then, the company has produced more than 500 titles on all continents. Among them, The Boy And The World, by director Alê Abreu, with a soundtrack by Ruben Feffer and Gustavo Kurlat – which competed for the Oscar for best animation, received more than 45 awards and was sold to more than 40 countries – and the documentary Marina Abramovic and Brazil, the first Vimeo Original in Latin America. Always with an innovative focus, the company was a pioneer in digital media. Between 2007 and 2010, it launched its own channels in partnership with Joost, an internet television service developed by the same founders of Skype, and with Blinkx, a British video search portal. Currently, Elo has its titles displayed on more than 20 platforms worldwide, including China, France, United States and South Africa.

Film Release

In 2012, the company expanded its activities to the programming and release of national films in movie theaters. Ten years later, it has more than 100 releases, including films from all regions of Brazil, with different genres and profiles. Many of them were successful at the box office, as is the case with SOS Women To The Sea 2, a comedy that had more than 2 million spectators. And several films that were awarded internationally, as happened with the feature Executive Order, by Lazaro Ramos, which received awards for best screenplay, best film, best actor and best supporting actor, in addition to being consecrated as the biggest success of the year 2022 , thanks to a launching strategy that involved more than 160 sessions (20 thousand tickets) for the public of communities, schools and social organizations, with the sponsorship of companies.

Women in film directing

In 2018, Elo Studios created Elas Label as a response to the social and market need to give voice and visibility to women who, by showing feminine approaches and visions in their projects, serve as an important counterpoint to most films and series produced in Brazil audiovisual market that is still predominantly male.

In the incubator model, Elo Studios offers several consultancies (artistic and commercial) focused on expanding the reach of films directed by women. More than 46 titles have been released through the Elo Studios incubator, many of them directed by women who are outside the Rio-São Paulo axis, with little access to the professionals involved in the consultancies.

Original Productions

In 2019, Elo Studios, which had already participated in some projects since the beginning, expanded its activities to original production. Since then, has developed, produced and launched the reality show Mad To The Max, shown on Disney Plus Latam, in partnership with National Geographic; the Trace Trends TV Show, shown on Globoplay in partnership with Trace Brazil; and the documentary The Truth Beneath The Lie, shown on the History Channel, in co-production with ITE, FGV and Fundação Lafer.

Honoring its international and prestigious background, it produced the documentary You are not a Soldier, by Maria Carolina Telles, shown by HBO Max and selected for the pitching of Sunny Side of the Doc and by the international festivals DOXA Documentary Film Festival (Canada), Doc Edge (New Zealand), Hot Docs (Denmark), DocsMX (Spain) and Docs Valencia (Spain). It also produced the impact campaign Telling to Live, directed by Cao Hamburguer in partnership with UNESCO and Cappuccino Digital.

For the next two years, Elo Studios foresees 12 more original productions that are in different stages.

The link [ELO] for valuing Brazilian diversity

As of 2022, Elo Company changed its name to Elo Studios, to better adapt to all its areas of activity, which now include curating, creating, producing and distributing innovative and impactful audiovisual content, remaining faithful to to Elo’s initial proposal, which has always been to value Brazilian diversity and present it to countries on all continents.

Throughout its history, Elo Studios has commercialized more than 500 titles for TV, cinema and streaming, which were distributed in Brazil and in more than 100 countries.


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